Sam Hale on Somewhere Between Love & War

Sam Hale is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter originally from Iran. Incorporating unique beats and synth with electric guitar and drums results in otherworldly-sounding music, as haunting as it is catchy. His latest EP, Somewhere Between Love & War, focuses on personal sacrifice in the name of following his dreams. Putting emphasis on personal development and being boldly himself, this EP fuses several genres into one cohesive project. He’s also currently in the middle of a promotional tour for the EP, titled Reflections of Love & War.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you. (Bonus: What artist would be your dream collaboration?)

Hi! I’m Sam Hale. I’m a producer and performer in the realm of indie pop/psych rock. I am currently a Nashvillian and on tour for my latest release Somewhere Between Love & War. 

My dream collaboration would be with Thom Yorke or Trent Reznor.

How did you first get into music, and how do you think your sound has evolved since then?

I grew up in Iran and we had a lot of house parties with a rather extensive family so music was always around. There were a couple family friends that always played music at our parties and I just kinda became obsessed with guitar at a rather young age. That spawned into guitar lessons and playing gigs as I grew older.

If you had to pick one lyric that you’re the most proud of writing, what would it be?

“Even though I’m Here I’m Unavailable”. I wrote the song “Unavailable” at a time where dating wasn’t really clicking for me because I had a lot of stuff to sort out. The song helped me as I shifted my energy and worked on myself.

How do you incorporate your influences into your own work in a unique way?

I don’t intentionally incorporate my influences. They kinda just happen naturally and most times if it’s too obvious I will ditch the idea. I try to be selective about what sounds and vocal phrasing comes through in my music.

You’re about to embark on your Reflections of Love & War Tour, congrats! What are you the most excited for going into these shows?tourposter

It’s great to be on tour with my manager Vicky Vargas and her other artist, Jon Pattie, as we go through their hometowns in Texas. They have been great friends to me in my Nashville journey.

Your EP ​Somewhere Between Love & War ​is about being a bolder, most honest version of yourself. What has it been like reflecting on your personal struggles through this outlet?

I’m always trying to grow and be a better version of myself. This EP is special because I have taken a bigger step than ever before with advancing my music career. I moved to Nashville a year ago and I came here with an intention to create a new musical community. I love my friends and family back home but it was time to move into a new direction. Moving was just part of it. I believe when you make such a drastic move, you open yourself up to new adventures and opportunities.

Somewhere Between Love & War ​marks a sort of new beginning for you, both personally and with your sound. Are you nervous at all? Is there anything so far that you would have done differently?oYXVL60w.jpeg

I’m happy with the way the EP came out. I think there is always something that could have been different if we try to look backwards. I try to stay in the moment and trust my path without regrets.

What is the message that you most want to convey with ​Somewhere Between Love & War​? Any final thoughts?

I don’t have any agendas or motives when creating music. If my audience feels what I have to say or how I say it, then great. My music and sound will always evolve. If I can keep connecting with people and helping them overcome obstacles or simply provide them with entertainment then I’m happy.

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Check out our interview with Sam’s tour-mate Jon Pattie here!


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